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Draw Your Own Cute Meal!


Our Yamanashi

Hellooo Everyone!

Cafe is very familiar, especially for young people now. But it is undeniable that cafe is also a place for gather with friends, dating, and also family. For example we often see that mom and daughter, couple enjoying time and chitchat in cafe. So I want to tell you the cafe that I really love it nowadays! It's called Cafe La Paix, this cafe name using french and i just realized why some cafe in japan almost of them using french name even though they actually original japan. But it doesn't matter cause every people can make their own creation. I asked to people around me why almost cafe in japan using french name, she said that if we use french name isn't it look cute and many customer will come? and i think is it one of the reason why they using it.

And you know? I don't know why, i really love this cafe much! I always want go to here in my lunch time. This unique cafe has a characteristic that is french toast. They make all of menu with french toast, even though lunch menu or dessert. In that time i came here, i choose dessert menu that which on the plate they written text for me like picture above. It's cute right? I took many nice pictures and videos till my phone memory full. And you can see picture below i also ordered unique drink taste which are called berry berry soda. I recommend you to try this menu. It was nice and i got good meal! I'm so happy!

Exactly i knew this cafe from my friends when we ate dinner after finish work. They was talk some cafe and introduced to me this cafe. One of them said to me want to go with her boyfriend. And in that day i went here, suddenly we met and i surprised. I didn't expect that we can met and we also didn't discuss will go here in the same day. And because of many people came she could not get a seat. So, I suggest to you to booking before you want to go here, because if not there won't be a chair for you surely. And I was lucky even though that i didn't book first in that day. I think this cafe always full booking, when the others of my friend decide to go there together with me, the cafe staff said that cafe seat full of booking. So check your schedule and have a nice lunch there guys!

I add cafe information below!

Check it out!

Bery Bery Soda

For further information :

Address : 406-0032 Yamanashi, Fuefuki, Isawacho, Yokkaichiba, 1728

(From Isawaonsen Station around 25 minutes by walk, bicycle 30 minutes, and car 7 minutes)

Monday, Sunday Closed

Tuesday till Friday Open 9:00 - 15:00

(Parking place are available)

Telp : 055-209-2286

Instagram : @cafe_la.paix

Line : @btd5830e

Website : https://cafe-la-paix.business.site

Menu take away also ready! So what are you waiting for?!

-Have a nice lunch meal guys!-

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