• Yuliana Ayu Cahyani

Kindness of Strangers when travelled to Herb Garden Tabinikki (Koshuu)

Hello viewers!

Long time no see? Did your live well?

I am lucky every time here, cause all of people was kind to me. I can`t believe that everywhere I went to go someone help me more than I expected before.

I went to Herb Garden to see many kind of flowers. I wondering why flowers in Japan is beautiful even though flowers on the roadside. And if the flowers as beautiful as on the roadside in my country it's already to sell. And i think if one kind of flowers is lined up and lot will be nice view. And how great they are entrance fee is free. So wow right? So how come they have income budget for doing their beautiful flowers every time, which is japan have four seasons and almost of seasons have different flowers right? You can see picture below! and picture next is koi picture (Japanese fish), and in yamanashi you can find koi everywhere!

koi (japanese fish)

And i also found unique flower! You can see picture below!

Here you can also find ice cream which flower taste like lavender! And it was really tasty! They said that, this ice cream is number 2 of the world! And just not only ice cream they also provide menu for lunch and dessert in cafe there. You can also enjoy shopping there, they sell product with flowers fragrant. Not only that they also sell souvenir origin yamanashi and also wine.

ice cream number 2 in the world

lavender and vanila mix

And for the access, from your departure station to Enzan Station (I was departure from Isawa Onsen station to Enzan station, and I need to take my pocket money about 200 YEN). And from Enzan station I walked to Herb Garden about 35 minutes ( I thought that the places didn't far like I saw in the map). Or the other way you can use taxi from Enzan station (you need about 1000 YEN, but I was enjoy my time when I walked and also met yamanashi people and little bit chit chat with them. Also found some small cafe but nice. And Do you know?

When I walked and came back, a black car suddenly came to me. And you know he was someone who I talked. He offer me to sent me to go Enzan station or Isawa onsen area. And I said oh no it's ok? But he is kind so I can't refuse his offering. And I said if you don't mind please sent me to Enzan station, he said that it's oke until Isawa onsen, and he asked me where do you living? I said in Kagetsu Inn and I am internship student there. And we talked along the way in the car until he sent me in front of my destination.

It was lucky day right for me? And you know? It was fun chit chat, so I forgot that from Kagetsu I went to isawa onsen station with my friend bicyle. Lol

Till here my story viewers!

I`ll come back soon to tell again about my awesome stories.

Stay Tune guys!

Herb Garden Tabinikki (Koshuu)

1736 Katsunumacho Todoroki, Koshuushi 409-1315, Yamanshi Prefecture

Entrance fee Free, Parking fee also free

Senin-Minggu AM 9:00~PM 5:30

Tel. 0553-44-3715 Fax. 0553-44-3710


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