• Alejandra Bolaños

A cultural property with hanging wishes

This time we found a very historical place that is a tangible cultural property of Yamanashi, and is the Hatta family's home, this family were at the service of Takeda samurai clan that controlled the activities of the region in the Sengoku period. Inside the house, there was a special exposition of dolls that is a tradition for the dolls festival.



1. Why this place is important? 🤔🤔🤔

2. Things are in the house nowadays 🤩🎎

3. Information about the location 💡📍


1. Why this place is important? ❓❔

In Fuefuki we found this historical and beautiful place, that is the Hatta house.

The Hatta family was at the service of Takeda Clan, that controlled the Kai province ( the actually Yamanashi region) in the Sengoku period. Hatta family also performed commercial activities while serving as a responsibility to collect the taxes in the region.

At the end of the Sengoku period, the Takeda clan was destroyed and the Hatta house was burned up. It was rebuilt but due to the flooding of Fuefuki river, it collapsed. In 1938 was rebuild again and because of the influence of Takeda and Hatta families in the local history, the building was designed as a tangible cultural property on December 7 of 1961.


2. Things are in the house nowadays

At the entrance, we found this beautiful doll that wearing the traditional clothes "Kimono", this doll has about 30 centimetres, so it is bigger than you can see.

After that, we found the main exhibition of ceramic dolls, used for the Doll's festival "Hinamatsuri", where the family dressed the dolls with the ornate, decorative robes of the ancient imperial court praying for the health and happiness of female children.

In front of this exposition, we found hanging dolls called "Tsurushibina". In fact, the cost of the ceramic dolls was so high, so many families couldn't buy it but they made hanging dolls "Tsurushibina", for the festival. Tsurushibina has a lot of shapes like animals and flowers.

And there was an exhibition of those dolls too.

Each hanging doll contains wishes one by one like health or prosperity for the girls of the family.

I prefer the hanging dolls, they are so beautiful and move so easily with the wind, so it looks like they are dancing around you.

This decoration could change around the year but the are things that you can see every time like the tiger drawn in a sliding door picture and historical records.

These records contain all the moments of this house, like the names of the persons that come to visit.

The style of writing was so old and so many people (like me haha) can not read it, but there is no problem at all because every record has its own transcription.

I enjoyed all the expositions of the house, but my favourite was the hanging dolls, I love their colours, figures and meanings.

This is now one of my favourite places, and if you like history and want to know more about the history of this region you must come here.


3. About the location

🌸Place: Hatta Family House

🌸 Address: 334 Hatta, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi 406-0023

🌸 Tel: 055-261-6111

🌸 You can go from 9 am until 4 pm. Tuesday is close.