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An Amazing Tour with Water and Flower - Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi

Hello, friends!

This time, my recommendation are Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi of Fuji Five Lakes. The original plan was to take a photo with Mount Fuji from Fuji Five Lakes. Unfortunately,the weather was cloudy and there is no way to see Mount Fuji. So we just played round Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi!

However, unexpected surprises were also discovered.



·Lake Yamanaka and Flower City Park

·Kawaguchiko and bakery

·life is a kind of trip without ending


Lake Yamanaka and Flower City Park

The lake is peaceful

Compared with the Kawaguchi Lake where is crowded with the tourists, the Lake Yamanaka is more peaceful,like a quiet little girl.

When we arrived at the Yamanakako Lake, the distant Mount Fuji was covered with fog.

And the cool breeze blew, and the summer heat was wiped out immediately.

The lake is slightly sloppy, and there are several cruise ships on the quiet lake.

Looking at such scenes, the mood became quiet gradually.

Welcome to Flower City Park!

When you look at the water, you should see the flowers. Not far from Lake Yamanaka, Flower City Park is located under a hill. Needless to say, just look at the picture of my second-rate photographer, you can feel the beautiful scene. Taking pictures in the flowers, everyone will become a fairy.

No need to doubt, this is flowers' heaven!

Kawaguchiko and bakery

Calm surface of lake

As one of the starting places for climbing Mount Fuji, the flow of people in Kawaguchiko is much larger, but lake surface is still calm. Unfortunately, Mount Fuji is still not visible, and the white clouds in the distance covered the top of Mount Fuji.

A small bakery but you don't want to miss it

As a bread lover, the biggest benefit of this trip to Kawaguchiko is this bakery named LAKE BAKE CAFE!

Taste delicious!!!

Pushing the door of the bakery, the aroma of the bread is coming.

The aroma of flour is mixed with various ingredients, and it is made into a bread that hits the heart.I can't wait to let them dance on my taste buds!

By the way, here is also cafe.

Sitting on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi, drinking coffee, tasting snacks, watching the mountains and rivers, this is a good place to spend time!

Life is a kind of trip without ending

I have been Yamanashi for ten weeks.

In my spare time, I often go to Yamanashi Prefecture to wander around.

It is indeed different from the bustling metropolis, but it has a unique surprise of a small town.

A scene from hotel

Quiet streets, hidden shrines, and shops that are inadvertently discovered. There are also mountains and rivers that are invisible to the metropolis, ancient temples in the mountains, flowing rivers.

Long steps in Mt.Minobu

In my opinion, life is a kind of thing which need to go to more places that have never been visited, and to experience more things that have not been experienced. The happiness of this discovery will make life more beautiful.

May everyone who loves life have a journey that never stops.