• Alejandra Bolaños

An incredible place with a sad story in the Onmyouji Temple ⛩( 遠妙時)

In the Yamanashi Prefecture, there is a beautiful town named Fuefuki, the name is for the Fuefuki River that flows through to the city. Is a magnificent and peaceful place where we found special treasures hidden in the city. If you love to walk wile enjoy the landscape this is the perfect place for you.


🌸Content: 🌸 1. A little history of this place

2. What we found

3. Information of the location.


  1. A little history of this place.

The story of this place began with a Japanese Warrior named Tokitada of the Taira clan who was exiled to the Noro Province and scaped to Isawa. Here he became a cormorant fisherman. through the years his name changed to Kansaku and continue fishing in the Isawa River until one Lord prohibited all kind of killing (includes fishing).

After that, the old man Kansaku was sentenced to death for fishing in sacred waters, rolled up in a bamboo mat and sank in the river.

His ghost asked in the Priest Nichiren's dream to be freed from his eternal bondage, so priest Nichiren go to the river with two followers and wrote the Lotus Sutra in the river's stones that were collected for his disciples and tossed the stones in the river. Thanks to that the fisherman soul was saved.

This shrine represents aa place where the ghost who was deterred to the hell can save their souls and may be entered in haven.

  2. What we found

One of the first things that we found was a Cormorant Stature, that remind us of the fisherman story. In the left was a statue called Daikokuten a God of wealth, of course near to the entrance of the temple was the Priest Nichiren statue and one of his followers.

Inside, you can see a lot of things but I think that the most important things were 7 of the stones that Nichiren used to save the fisherman soul and a Sutra (Buddhist texts).

This shrine is one of the most important in Fuefuki because of the legendary tale of a fisherman, it was an incredible experience because you can feel a deep pace there and know about one of the ancient tales of this region.

I really hope that you can come here and enjoy it as I did.


3. Information on the location.

🌸Place ⛩ : Ukaizan Onmyouji Temple ⛩(鵜飼山 遠妙時)

🌸 Address :1016 Isawacho Ichibe, Fuefuki, Yamanashi 406-0031

🌸 Tel : 055-262-2846

🌸 Entry Fee : It's free

🌸 Parking avaible

🌸 You can go at anytime