• Alejandra Bolaños

Doing Zazen !

Personally I love to visit all the temples and Shrines as I can and this times I received a special invitation to do Zazen. This is a meditation on the Buddhist temples, I had read about it in the magazines but I had never tried before. Now I can say that is an amazing experience! 🤩



1. About Seiseiji Temple 清泉寺

2. Before zazen

3. What is Zazen ?

4. After the Zazen

5. Location


1. About Seiseiji Temple 清泉寺⭐

Saseji is a Buddist temple located in Koufu city. It's so beautiful inside, you will find a lot of things inside. ⭐💫✨🌺🌸🌹🌷


2. Before Zazen

Before Zazen we read Shuhogi, is a Buddha Dharma using in the Soto school, originally written only in kanji 😰😰, fortunately, the actual version has hiragana so is easier to read 🤩🤩🤩🤩


3. Zazen 🌸🧘🏻‍♂️

Zazen is a way of meditation, so it's important to not think about anything. For the Zazen you can choose any place that you want but must to be facing out or facing the wall. This is an example of the right way :

The only difference is that the light will be turned off. The monk said to me that the persons trust a lot in what they see but if you can't see your body will increase your other senses and that's one of the most important parts of Zazen.


4. After Zazen

We did zazen for around 20 minutes and after that, the monk turned on the lights and the other persons bring food that we all ate together as a family 💖 Maybe that was my favourite part 💖💖

This experience was awesome for me and I hope that you can do it too one day.


5. Location📍