Exploring history—Yamanashi Bank Financial Museum

Hello everyone! I am shiori~ Cause I like studying history, and I heard that in this exhibition, there are ancient coins of China, so I went to the Yamanashi Bank Financial Museum in Kofu.

Yamanashi bank financial museum



1. What does the Yamanashi Bank Financial Museum do?

2. The allusion of the coin

3. What does here exhibit

4. Information on where I visited


1. What does the Yamanashi Bank Financial Museum do?

Yamanashi Bank Financial Museum was established as one of the activities of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Yamanashi Central Bank.

The museum displays historical materials from ancient times to the present, mainly showing the Japanese coins , and there is also the koshu gold exhibition of Edo.

2. The origin of the coin

First of all, the origin of the monetary system began with the Chinese shell coins. Because the shells were very scarce at the time, they could only be imported from Southeast Asia, and the scarce materials were the most suitable currency. Later, there was a knife coin. Because the shape resembled a knife, so they named them as knife coin.

Qin Shihuang of the Qin Dynasty unified the monetary system and terminated the use of various currency chaos. However, due to the late Tang Dynasty, chinese came to Japan and brought things of china,including coins . Many Chinese items, as coins have also been retained in Japan. Japan has used China's monetary system. You can see that the coin originally used in Japan can be said to be exactly the same as the Tongbao of the Tang Dynasty in China. Later, with the evolution of the times, there was takeda monetary system——koshu Gold.

Here is a complete display of how the monetary system worked and the conversion system. After that, the concept of banknotes was introduced, and it gradually evolved into the situation in which coins and banknotes are used at the same time.

3. What does here exhibit

First they showed China's ancient coins, knife coins, and then displayed the various ancient coins unearthed in China according to the year table. Later, the Japanese coins were derived according to the year, accompanied by a timetable and Detailed instructions (such as who designed and manufactured, and the origin of the portrait on the coin). There have been more commemorative coins in recent years.

Of course, you can also have an interactive experience here. You can try the feeling of running away with 100 million yen in the TV series. You can also feel the inconvenience of the ancients carrying coins, or you can personally weigh the ancient coins.

4. Information on where I visited

・Place: 2 Chome-11-12 Central, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0032

・Tel: 055-223-3090

・Admission: Sunday-Thursday:09:00-17:00/

・Website: http://www.yamanashibank.co.jp/