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Fruit Festival--- Peach Hunting in Miharu City Garden

Attention, please!

My friends, when it comes to Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, I have no chance to ignore the delicious fruit here. It is well-known that August is the season of ripe peaches. The orchards of Yamanashi have launched the “Hunting Peach” project. Guests can enjoy eating fresh and delicious peache when they pick up peaches by themselves. In fact, it is the double happiness. Today, I want to bring everyone to see this orchard---見晴し園(Mihara City Garden).

Let us have a good time together!



·Introduction of orchard---見晴し園

·Hunting for peaches

·Grapes season is coming


Introduction of orchard---見晴し園

A clean reception with kind staffs

見晴し園 is located on a hill with several orchard gardens. As soon as I walked into the reception, the staff greeted us immediately with a warm smile.

Here are the fresh peaches that have been picked up today, and the air is filled with the aroma of peaches. As a peach lover, when I smell the unique sweetness of peach, I can't wait to buy a few big peaches at once. But now I had to suppress my impulses. After all, the peaches I am going to hunt by myself will be more delicious.

Peach orchard under blue sky

Today, the staff who is in charge of us is a lovely bearded uncle.

He introduced us the basic situation of the orchard along the way.

The orchard gardens of 見晴し園 is replaced everyday. Each peach orchard receives a limited number of guests per day, which ensures that the orchard is well rested and provides the best service to the guests.

A cute peach with white paper bag

In the chat, we have arrived at destination. Under the blue sky,the orchard  looks beautiful. Every peach has a white paper bag, just like wearing a small dress, very cute!

Hunting for peaches

The peach is already in sight, let's start hunting! There are peaches picked up by the staff and can be enjoyed directly. The person in charge of this orchard make us tasted two different peaches firstly.

One kind is harder, the chewing feeling is strong, the aroma of the peach is very rich; and the other is softer, the juice is rich, and the stomach could be all moisturized.

However, the so-called hunting is still the most interesting.

The staff also prepared the clips intimately so that the peaches on high could be picked up,too.

Peach's juice is so rich!

When picking peaches, it is best to hold the branches and gently rotate the peaches so that you can pick the peaches without hurting the trees.

According to the maturity of the peach trees, a variety of soft and hard peaches can be picked from one peach orchard, which can fully satisfy the different preferences of guests. Moreover, the person in charge also revealed to us the secret of choosing peaches: the peach skin is reddish with yellow spots, which are the sweetest. With this secret, my newbie who picked peaches also could pick sweet peaches. Besides, the orchard is also equipped with a place to wash peaches and  hands, so you can eat it with no hesitation!

Peaches are waiting for you


The peach hunting is really satisfying! Tasting delicious peaches in a natural environment impressed me deeply.This is my first time to eat peaches so happily. And give my friends who are coming to hunt peaches a piece of advice: Don't eat breakfast, because there are so many peaches waiting for you!

By the way, next season is for GRAPE!!!

"Grape hunting reservation" begins now, I can't help waiting to hunt grapes!


Information of the location

·NAME: 見晴し園

·Place: Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture ichinomiya-cho, Tsuchizuka 240

·Admission acceptance: AM9:00---PM4:00

·TEL: 0553-47-2111

·Entry fee:Park 40 minutes pick off all-you-can-eat

Personal like/ 1350 yen

Organizations like/ 1080 yen

·Google map: