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Fuefukigawa Fruit Park

Sunny warm days just like today in mid December are treated like a gift. And isn’t it perfect time to enjoy the nature and to have a walk. Well, in my case it turned out to be a long walk to Fuefukigawa Fruit Park (山梨県笛吹川フルーツ公園). And I swear it was worth it!!!


🍓Contents🍓 :

1. Advantages of hiking to Fuefukigawa Fruit Park.

2. What can we expect inside.

3. Small museum of fruits.

4. Delicious desserts.

5. Surprise on my way back.

6. Information on the location.


1. Advantages of hiking to Fuefukigawa Fruit Park.

I have to admit it was a bit crazy idea. But I love hiking, I love breathtaking landscapes and I love adventures!!! That was enough for me to walk 1 hour 30 minutes one way in a mountain)) You can go there by car or by bus as well, but in this case you won’t be able to capture these fantastic views!! And Fuji-san looks tremendous by the way!

2. What can we expect inside.

Finally here is the entrance:

From the very beginning it looks like a beautiful charming park:

I saw no foreigners here by the way, but lots of Japanese couples and families with children.

Here is a playground for children:

You can also stay in a local hotel:

The territory of the park is quite huge. But if you are tired you can take a train which bring you to any corner of the park. The train itself is cute and is popular with children. Unfortunate I didn’t manage to capture it 😢

I believe winter is not a perfect season to come to Fruit Park. I just can imagine how beautiful it is when all fruit trees are green or in blossom. So maybe it is better to choose another season if you are planning your trip there just to get everything you can from this beautiful place.

3. Small museum of fruits. You can also visit a small museum for free, where you may watch a small film about the park and it’s history, learn what kind of fruits are grow there:

I personally fall in love with small games you can play in the museum. I tried several of them and my score isn’t that bad

4. Delicious desserts.

Do not miss a chance to taste delicious desserts in Fruit Park!!! I chose this one

and it was delicious 🥰🥰🥰

Strawberry season is over but it is still big and tasty and you should try it anyway!!!

5. Surprise on my way back.

After spending 2 hours in Fruit Park I decided to return home. On my way back I noticed footpath leading somewhere in the woods. I decided to explore it and that is how I wound this amazing abandoned place in the middle of nowhere:


6. Information on the location

  • 🍓 Place : Fuefukigawa Fruit Park (山梨県笛吹川フルーツ公園)

  • 🍓 Address : 1488 Ezohara, Yamanashi, 405-0043

  • 🍓 Tel : 0553-23-4101

  • 🍓 Entry Fee: free of charge

  • 🍓 URL : fuefukigawafp.co.jp