Have you eaten blue curry and ice cream made with flowers?

Hello everyone! I am Xiaocen from Shanghai, China!! you can call me shiori! I love delicious food,history, and wine!This was my first time came to Yamanashi and took a day trip with my lovely friends~So at first,guess what this is?


This is curry rice!!!



1. Trying Mt.Fuji curry and rice

2. Edible flower and dried flower arrangement

3. Information of where I visited


Trying Mt.Fuji curry and rice

This is not a toilet spirit or a poison made by a witch.

In fact, this is a curry made with Mount Fuji as a prototype!

At Cafe GREEN HOUSE in Kawaguchiko, you can taste this "weird" curry. To be honest, my friends and I were uneasy before we tasted the curry.

The blue curry looks more like maybe a dessert, but when I taste it—well, this is curry.

The above dotted should be a symbol of the mountain stone (also very delicious)

Edible flower and dried flower arrangement
ice-cream with dried-flower

Here, you can also taste the Flower ice-cream, which consists of vanilla and lavender-flavored ice cream, dotted with petals, which we thought were just decorative, but they are actually edible!

After the petals are dried, sprinkle with sugar, the taste are very good!

But here is not just delicious food, you can also use the dried flowers made of flowers here to make handmade! Perhaps you want to say: "I am not good at hand, I feel that I can't start"?

the fan made by me!!!!

Don't worry!

The staff here will prepare the materials for you.

Just like the manual classes in elementary school, they will tell you the most easy and simple production method, and will give you a reference sample.

You only need to follow the instructions. This is a fan made by all kinds of dried flowers.

Is it very cute?

You can also choose to make earrings, pendants, etc...

If you are interested, just check the following information and make a simple appointment. When you go to the store, you can enjoy it!

see ya~


Information of where I visited

Place 1: Kawaguchiko Herbkan

・Address: 6713-18 Funatsu,Fujikawaguchiko,Minamitsuru-gun,Yamanashi

・Tel: 0555-72-3082

・Admission: Free (additional fee for flower art class)

・Website: http://www.fkchannel.jp/herbkan/

・Instagram: @herbkanworkshop

Place 2: Cafe GREEN HOUSE

・Address: Same as above

・Tel: Same as above

・Website: http://www.fkchannel.jp/herbkan/cafe/

・Instagram: @herbkan_official