• Yuliana Ayu Cahyani

I got My own Birthday gift!

-Budou Koubou Wine Glass Museum Katsunuma- (Welcome)

Hai Girls!

Sorry for making you wait for my new blog! I am happy that next month is my birth month. And I was go to the place which I can made my own birthday gift like I want. And I made pierce with my birthday stones. How amazing right?

Even though you don’t know about your birthday stone or what kind of pierce do you want to make, staff there will help you to find your favorite one! So don’t worry baby!

So this is my birthday pierce stone. For the first time i was confuse cause i don't know what kind of pierce will i make and every sample there was cute and i want to make all of them. But i wanted little bit special and staff there help me to found what kind of type and stone of my birthday. And look at this!

_Birthday Stone_

You can find your birthday stone and also many kind of them!

This is my birthday stone! Also number 1 is type of my pierce that i made girls!

Can you see me?!?

This picture took by staff there when i was making my pierce. Exactly it was my first time to me making something like handicraft and i felt this experience interesting and excited. It was hard for me to used tool and difficult to unite from one part to the other part. But because this pierce i made for my own birthday, i tried my best to made it! And don't hesitate to ask if you don't know! I was talk to much and staff welcome me!

Here you not only can make pierce, but you can also make strap, necklace, and for kids corner also available!

I am finish my original pierce!

I was happy! Finally i got my original thing of me and offer it to myself for my birthday present!

-Thank you for this opportunity-(experience)

This experience don't need reservation. So just go there and go to second floor to try this experience!

OPEN from 09.30 until 17.30 (Everyday)

And what you need to know! You can also find cafe in the first floor! It called Cafe Vinho! Enjoy dessert and some original grape juice from Yamanashi!

Check it out!

Cafe Vinho Appearance

I was comfortable and good cafe design enough! In the first floor you not only find cafe but they also selling wine ( wine corner), glass, cute ornament, etc.

100% Grape Juice and Float in the top

My 100% grape juice!

This grape juice was strong, cause this grape juice surely 100%. But was nice with float in the top! It is good combination!

-Pancake Menu-

-Drinks & Desserts Menu-

And one more thing! This store toilet was make me surprised, it was clean and nice design much. Love it! <3 <3 <3

Get here my story! Hopefully you can find what kind of thing you want there guys!

See you soon my lovely reader's!

Access, from Enzan station you need about 12 minutes to go there by taxi (around 1000 yen for fee). If you go there by walk it will takes 25/ 30 minutes from Enzan station.

Address : 409-1304 Yamanashi-ken, Koshuu-shi, Katsunumachou, Kyuusoku, 1709

Tel. 0553-20-4681

Fax. 0553-20-4682

Website : http://www.tanzawa-net.co.jp

Email : wineglass@tanzawa-net.co.jp