• Silvia Forte

Sweet Peachy Land - Peach cafe Nakanishi

Uruwashi no natsu pafe or the beautiful summer parfait

Hello viewers! I am Silvia from Italy, a new entry in this blog.

It's my first week here in Yamanashi Prefecture but I immediately felt the need to explore this countryside city. The funniest way to discover a place is ... to eat local food.


Yamanashi Prefecture is famous for its fruit, mainly peaches, and grapes. I have to say they taste different from the fruit of my country.

Today I want to take you with me to Peach Café Nakanishi, a small café with 20 seats located next to a road in the middle of orchards.

First tip! If you want to go there, you should go when the cafe opens or otherwise it would be better to book in advance, as you could wait even more than an hour.

Second tip! The place is a bit far away I would recommend going by car or if you don't have one, going by take a taxi (parking place are available).

Peach Café from outside

As its name suggests, the shop bases all its cooking on peach. From sweet to savory, peaches are used in all possible combinations. The menu is divided by season, summer and winter.

As a sweet lover, I immediately chose the parfait 麗しの夏パフェ (Uruwashi no Natsu pafe).

The parfait is made of peaches jam and peaches in syrup, cream, vanilla ice cream decorated with huge slices of peach. All the fruit on the parfait is from the orchard near the café.

I had never tasted such delicious peaches.

Look at this perfection, it looks like a work of art doesn't it?

Something caught my eye, the peach pizza (ピーチピザ) and as an Italian, I could not help but be shocked.

"Fruit and pizza together? What an oddity. I have to try it!"

Peaches and cream sweeter than sweets and peach pizza, wait... what?

At the risk of being accused of not being Italian by Italians pizza patriots, I have to admit it was not that bad but only strange. The pizza is made of a thin dough, above which are arranged slices of peach covered with cheese. The cheese prevails as a flavour but it is softened by the peach-sweet tip.

If you are looking for new flavours I would say that this could be a new starting point.

After this beautiful feast and time to start marching, discovering new places, flavours, and foods.


Information of the location

・NAME: Nakanishi nōen・peach cafe Nakanishi

・Place: 544-1 Ichinomiyachō Sueki, Fuefuki, Yamanashi 405-0073

・TEL: 0553-47-1948

・ADMISSION: Every day from 10 am to 5 pm

・SITE: kaiji-fruit-nakanishi.com

・INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nakanishi_peach.cafe.nakanishi/

・FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Nakanishi.peach/

・Google map: