• Natallia (Nat-chan)

Science, nature and starry sky

Honestly I'm extremely lucky because it used to be raining all previous week but today is a beautiful sunlit day! So today I explored city of Kofu which is a capital city of Yamanashi prefecture. Let's see what is worth visiting there! I'm pretty sure anyone will find here something to his own taste! 👍



1. Visit to Shosenkyo national park.

2. Yamanashi Prefectural Science Museum.

3. Planetarium.

4. Information on the location.


1. Visit to Shosenkyo national park.

Shosenkyo is a beautiful national park located in Kofu city. It is one of those places you can enjoy marvelous nature, buy souvenirs of all kind, try local food and ice cream. And last but not least it is quite easy to get to: just take bus from Kofu station and you'll be there in 20 min. There are several entrances to Shosenkyou and I started from the northern one. First of all I was welcomed by beautiful Meotogi Shrine.

Walking down the street you will path through numerous shops with hand made jewelry, souvenirs and so one. There are enough cafes and restaurants where you will have a chance to try ice cream, local cuisine such as "koshu ozara" or "houtou" which is one of the most famous dishes in Yamanashi prefecture.

You will pass near a cute statue of Hotei-sama. Here do not forget to write your wish on a sticker you will find right next to Hotei-sama and tape it to the statue!

Finally I got closer to Sengataki, a 30 meter waterfall formed by upheaval of the earth. This place is full of power and energy!! I was lucky to capture rainbow 🌈

Here in the center of Shosenkyo there is another entrance called Ishimon. It is a huge granit entrance and what is remarkable about it is that the top stone is slightly separated 😱

You can also take a ride on a rope way in Shosenkyo but I preferred to do it next time in a different place 😏🙃

2. Yamanashi Prefectural Science Museum.

First of all it a great playground for children with different tunnels, slides and ladders.

Here you can learn and experience science while enjoying different activities and doing experiments. Most of them are concentrated on optical illusions.

You will also find yourself in a space with no gravitation which was quite exciting for me!

3. Planetarium.

The planetarium is in the same building as Science Museum. The show in planetarium consists of two parts. First is an introduction to constellations you can see in Kofu at this particular season and their prominent brightest stars. Attention❗️ Make sure you had a good rest before you come here, otherwise you will accidentally fall asleep 😅And the second part is animation film. I chosen one called “Space heroes”. It is a cute story of how constellations fight clouds so we can see beautiful starry sky 🌙💫


4. Information on the location.

  • ☀️ Place : Shosenkyo (昇仙峡)

  • ☀️ Address : Takanaricho, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-1214

  • ☀️ Tel : 055-237-5702

  • ☀️ Entry Fee : free of charge

  • ☀️ URL : shosenkyo-kankoukyokai.com

  • ☀️Place : Yamanashi Prefectural Science Museum (山梨県立科学館)

  • ☀️ Address : 358-1 Atagomachi, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0023

  • ☀️ Tel : 055-254-8151

  • ☀️ Entry Fee : depends on what type of program you choose

  • ☀️ URL : kagakukan.pref.yamanashi.jp