The flavour of time —— MARS WINE

Hello everyone! I am Xiaocen from Shanghai, China!! you can call me shiori! I love delicious food,history, and wine! Although I am not good at drinking alcohol, I am drunk when I drink.

This was my first time came to Yamanashi and took a day trip with my lovely friends,because the grapes of Yamanashi are very famous (and really delicious).

It must also be first class, so we went to the famous local winery - MARS WINE


1.whats mars wine

2.Visit the winery

3. Wine introduction & my feelings

4. Information on where I visited

1.whats mars wine

Established the company's wine in Kagoshima. In 1960, it established MARS WINE, which was mainly making foreign wine. This zone is cold in winter and hot in summer, with little rain and rich sunshine. It is very suitable for growth of grape.For nearly 50 years, MARS WINE has exported a large number of premium wines to the country.

2.Visit the winery

First enter the wine cellar for storing red wines of various vintages. Each wine barrel is filled with aged red wine and has detailed annotations. You will find it a bit cold when you enter here. This is because the storage temperature of red wine is strictly regulated. of. And it is very interesting that the wines of each vintage are displayed separately and marked with the major events that took place in the world that year, which means that you can find the wines of your own birthday (you can try them).

In the storage room where the glass is actually stored, it is completely different temperature.

3.Wine introduction & my feelings

If you see it here and want to drink some, the store here can satisfy you! Because the store here offers free/material tasting, you can first taste nearly ten kinds of famous Yamanashi wines (for free!), more Taste the seasonally-restricted items here, and the tasting area has a very intimate indication of whether the wine is sweet or spicy, as well as the degrees.

After you have finished the free lunch, you can start shopping! You can taste the more advanced, imported wines, with special chocolates, the taste is more special, bring the red wine here to give back to friends and family is really a good choice! Although I was drunk soon after I drank, I really liked to drink! Especially the quality of the high quality grapes produced by Yamanashi is really different. Please try it!

4.Information on where I visited

・Place: 126 Isawacho Yamasaki, Fuefuki, Yamanashi 406-0022

・Tel: 055-262-1441

・Admission: Free

・Website: https://www.hombo.co.jp/factory/yamanashi.html

・ opening time:09:00~16:30