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Wonderful Natural Park---Shosenkyo

Green island---Shosenkyo

Hello, everyone! My name is JIA SIJING from China. A girl who loves nature is going to share my experience about visiting Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Have you ever been tired of daily life?

Have you ever desired to relax yourself by returning to nature?

Do you want to wash your soul in the verdant hills and green waters?

Then, come to SHOSENKYO! A secret fairyland on the mountain. Follow me to enjoy this natural tirp without annoyance!



・ Japan’s most beautiful gorge full of wonderful nature

・ Amazing Waterfall--- Senga-taki

・ Convenience and Silence--- a comfortable trip

・ A soul journey through nature

· Information of the location


Japan’s most beautiful gorge full of wonderful nature

First of all, let me introduce Shosenkyo briefly. Shosenkyo is a wonderful gorge which is selected as “the Heisei Era 100 Best water sites”, located in the north part of Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture. It is only takes 20 minutes drives from Kofu Station.

Now, begin our trip!

Shosenkyo is hidden in the mountains. Taking the car along hilly road, the eyes are full of vibrant green, and occasionally you can see the strange rock. Even if it is not in the scenic area, the air here is very fresh and makes people feel very comfortable, making me more looking forward to this tour.

Silent Trail

After get off the car, you can immediately see the map of the scenic spot. The route is so clear that you won't be worried about getting lost. We chose the three famous attractions in Shosenkyo :Senga-taki, Kakuenpo and Ishi-mon.


Senga-taki is my favorite site and I will talk about it lately. Kakuenpo, the highest peak of Shosenkyo, is the most beautiful gorge in Japan. Tradition says that Japanese Buddhist monk Kakuen performed ascetic practice at the top of it. And Ishi-mon is a stone gate formed by large granites. Its thrilling form also deserves attention.

Amazing Waterfall--- Senga-taki


Senga-taki is a waterfull caused by earth’ crust. The 30 meters high splendid waterfall is a miracle of nature. As the sound of the water gradually became clear, the waterfall appeared in sight.A shocking picture! The water falls down into the lake, stirring the silence and waking the sensation. No one can defend this beautiful and impressive sight.

Coin in the rock

And an interesting thing is, visitors always put the coin into the crack of the rock for best wishes. So bring your dream to Shosenkyo and pray for it!

Convenience and Silence--- a comfortable trip

Shosenkyo is not only great for its beauty, but also for its convenience. Parking lots and  restaurants can be found whenever you need them. This time, I tasted Hoto which is a traditional local dish in a restaurant named Hashimoto. I believe it won’t let you down.

Traditional dish---HOTO

Besides, what I want to emphasize is the silence around here. I have been to many natural parks in China. Although the natural environment is as great as Shosenkyo, but the crowded people usually disturb my enjoyment. There is no such problem in Shosenkyo. Silence will gently sharpens your imagination and nature will slowly unfurls its splendor. This is the biggest benefit when you travel around the Shosenkyo. Let’s forget noisy city life and listen to the music of the nature.

A Soul Journey Through nature

Nature and relax! What you can found in Shosenkyo!

Mountain and waterfall! What you can enjou in Shosenkyo!

Let your soul start to journey through a wonderful natural park.

Waiting for your coming, my friends!


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